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Length: 4 episodes x 48min

Genre: Conservation / Science / Wildlife / Adventure

Production Co.: Jumara Films

Country of Production: Argentina

Premiere: June 2023 – National Geographic


Pumas are top predators.

No species preys on them. Except one.

Filmed in the incredible landscapes of the Patagonian steppe, this documentary series inquire in the relationship between human beings and nature. The conflict between large predators and livestock producers is not something new, but a critical limit has been reached where natural ecosystems are dying.

Throughout thousands of years, the puma (Puma concolor), one of nature's most formidable hunters, has spread from Alaska to the southernmost Patagonia, overcoming all kinds of inconveniences to survive in the most dissimilar places: jungles, deserts, forests and mountains.

This story takes place in three National Parks of the Patagonian steppe, where the puma has lived for centuries. It is there where the tension between the predators and their neighbors - the big sheep producers and the small farmers of native people - grows without stopping. Some fear it, some hate it. Is it a cultural hate or a survival hate? The tension increases and decisions have to be made.

For more than five years, the ecologist and National Geographic explorer, Dr. Emiliano Donadio, has been working on one of the most important conservation projects in South America. Its objective is to know and study the behavior of the puma and its prey. Together with his team, they venture through the challenging Patagonian canyons and plateaus in search of the animals: they place cameras throughout the area to detect where they are; they set traps and capture pumas, guanacos and rheas to place collars that allow their movements to be known. The work is intense during the day and night, sometimes being very cold or under the burning sun, with the unstoppable winds from the south and the snowfalls of the harsh winters. Despite the difficulties, the team works from dawn to dusk to take a step forward in the search to understand the relationships between these predators and their environment.

Can a more peaceful coexistence be achieved?

Official Trailer

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Official Selection

Wildlife Conservation Film Festival 2023

October 2023, New York

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