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Natgeo Pristine Seas Expedition Uruguay

At the end of March, the National Geographic Pristine Seas team returned to the seas with a new expedition in Uruguay to study and document critical ocean habitats that support biodiversity, sustainable fisheries and climate change mitigation in the neighboring country.

JUMARA FILMS was honored to be part of the film crew, being also the first time that this project chooses to incorporate a Latin American production company to document the work.

They were 7 unforgettable days embarked on the ROU 23 Maldonado that the Uruguayan Navy made available to the expedition.

International and local scientists, the Organization for the Conservation of Cetaceans (OCC) and the Government of Uruguay collaborated in this adventure aimed at gathering information and supporting the creation of marine reserves in these waters.

With our on board cameras in addition to the work with pelagic cameras and depth cameras of the scientific team, we were able to record more than 100 miles of the coast, incredible species that inhabit this blue territory and unexplored habitats that sustain life under the sea.

We are grateful for the trust placed in us, especially to Alex Muñoz, leader and manager of this expedition.

And we hope that this is just the beginning of many more works together.

Jumara Films

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