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Obrar 2020 Award Finalists

We are very happy to tell you that our documentary series "Héroes de la Conservación" is a Finalist of the Obrar Awards in the category "Content with Positive Impact".

This award, granted by the Argentine Advertising Council, recognizes those productions (both from institutions, companies, entities, associations and public agencies) that seek to convey a positive message, addressing different realities and trying to mobilize and engage the public with such cause.

Since its premiere in June 2019, Héroes de la Conservación has given us many satisfactions. Especially the response from you, the amount of messages interested in learning more about the species involved and the work being done to protect them, very little visible, and involving many committed people.

Thank you for supporting us every day in this path of making documentaries for conservation!

Thanks to everyone who was part of Heroes!

Jumara Films

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