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Project 2022

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A documentary series that immerses us in the current conservation situation of the Puma (Puma concolor), one of the most spectacular predators of the American continent.


An emblematic species with an enormous geographic distribution, which extends from Alaska to the southernmost Patagonia, and which overcomes all kinds of inconveniences to survive in the most dissimilar places: jungles, deserts, forests, mountains, and even cities.

Through the daily monitoring of National Geographic biologist and explorer Emiliano Donadio, who has been working with pumas for more than five years, we enter one of the most important and ambitious conservation projects in South America, carried out in four National Parks with imposing landscapes.

A work that involves the search and detection of animals, the placement of radio collars, observation in the field and countless other technical tasks, which are combined and coordinated thanks to the commitment and effort of neighbors, ranchers and local people who are, ultimately, those who live with the animal.

Between canyons and rivers, plateaus and plains, with the Andes mountain range in the background, this series is being filmed in the wonderful Patagonian steppe.

Type: Documentary Series.

Genre: Nature Documentary.

Duration: 4 chapters x 47 min.

Format: 4K

Production date: 2022

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