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Premiere in Argentina 2023

Wild Argentina

A documentary series filmed in the highest quality (4k / 8k) and with the most modern cinematographic techniques, WILD ARGENTINA / ARGENTINA SALVAJE is a production of Light & Shadow tv (Germany) in co-production with Jumara Films (Argentina) for National Geographic and WDR.

Argentina is the land of unparalleled extremes. The eighth largest country in the world has one of the greatest biological diversities on Earth (tropical rainforest, mountainous areas, pampas, savannahs, wetlands, deserts, puna, vast coastlines, etc.), making it a paradise for the most diverse people in the world. which makes it a paradise for any wildlife filmmaker.

WILD ARGENTINA explores Argentina's three main ecosystems - the subtropical north, the temperate south and the Antarctic-cooled coast - to reveal the most intimate and dramatic stories of each ecosystem's most fascinating animals.

Type: Series

Genre: Documentary Nature

Duration: 3 episodes x 50 min. / 1 x 90 min.

Premiere date: 2022

Production country: Germany / Argentina

Producer: LIGHT & SHADOW GmbH


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Canal de Beagle
Bañado La Estrella
Glaciar Perito Moreno
Parque Nacional Talampaya
Costa Patagónica
Bañado La Estrella

Copyright: LIGHT & SHADOW GmbH

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